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Tips For Creating a Social Pod This Winter

If you're finally ready to commit to being alone together, here's how to do so safely ... Gary Burchell/Getty Images ... As you wait for your turn to get vaccinated, you may be wondering if it's wo...

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Should You Get a Remote Eye Exam?

The ads are seductive. ... For the millions of Americans who are skipping eye doctor visits because of the pandemic, remote telehealth eye exams seem to be the perfect solution: a way to renew or u...

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Masks Are Still Needed Under Cold Weather Gear

As you bundle up against winter's cold, don't forget to keep up the fight against COVID-19, including wearing a face covering, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... ...

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Symptoms of Coronavirus Can Last Months

Long-term effects of coronavirus infections last months for many survivors, a new study suggests ... Phynart Studio/Getty Images ... By now you may be already familiar with the term “long haulers,”...

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Coronavirus Variants: What We Know So Far

New strains are more contagious, but there’s no evidence of more severe COVID-19 illness ... Panorama Images/Getty Images ... Public health officials have identified two strains of the coronavirus ...

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